Insurance basics for engaged couples or newlyweds

Wedding_ringsAre you in the process of planning a wedding? Marriage is an exciting life event. The honeymoon, first house, anniversaries, children, new traditions, so much to look forward to. When planning your future together, it is important to talk Insurance. We know, not too thrilling. However with thoughtful planning, your lives together will feel completely secure.

Nothing is as fun as planning a wedding, right? But like most events, your special day can spiral into a tailspin due to a number of unexpected incidents. Don’t let these unforeseen circumstances put a damper on your perfect day or your wallet, consider Wedding Insurance.

McLean Insurance also recommends insuring your engagement and wedding rings. Yes your homeowners, renters or condo insurance cover your personal possessions but it is not sufficient in many situations. For example, a Homeowners policy might only cover your jewelry for $1,000 against liability for theft.

Almost as exciting as tying the knot is renting or buying your first home together! Home is where the heart is, right? Be sure to protect your personal property and investment by adequately insuring it. Homeowners insurance can provide coverage for property, asset and personal protection whereas renters insurance can continue to protect your personal items.

When you become a partner in life, you want nothing but the best for them, so now may also be a good time to consider life insurance. What could be more important that protecting your spouse or future family from financial hardship? You may have life insurance through work, or a personal life policy, now that you getting married it maybe a good time to review your policy and current limits.

Marriage brings a ton of joy, cherished memories and changes. Talk with a McLean Insurance agent now to ensure that you and your life partner are adequately protected.

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