One Move That Could Save An Engaged Couple Thousands Of Dollars

wedding ringsIs a wedding in your future? Many brides plan perfect weddings in terms of the dress, the ceremony and the reception. But a worry-free wedding also includes insurance. Why? Because while your homeowners policy may extend to events away from home, the coverage limits may not be nearly enough, leaving you at risk for all kinds of costs.

Suppose there’s a legal issue over alcohol being served to an intoxicated person? What if someone falls and seeks coverage for medical bills? What if there is damage to the wedding venue? What if the caterer goes out of business and you lose your deposit? What if the wedding dress is lost or damaged? What if there’s a hurricane, the bride gets sick, the groom gets deployed or other situations arise in which the wedding must be rescheduled?

Or, consider this amazingly common situation: there’s a spat before the wedding and the angry bride-to-be tosses the engagement ring. They patch things up, but the ring can’t be found – and your homeowners policy doesn’t pay, either because that type of loss isn’t covered or because it limits coverage to just $1,000.

Wedding insurance, however, will help take away all these worries. Plus, it’s very affordable given all the protections it can provide. Best of all, if you do have a claim, you won’t have to worry that premiums on your homeowners policy will go up.

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